Integrating Dance-Making and Digital Technologies for Kids

To discuss your program needs with us, please contact Kathleen Isaac or Doug Fox.

Program Overview

Kids Make Dance empowers children of all ages to create their own dances, document their experiences with video camcorders and digital cameras, and share their creative output with friends, family, teachers, administrators and the global Internet community.

Our programs, which range from half-day to multi-day events, are suitable for kids with and without dance backgrounds, and groups representing different levels of dance experience.

Kids Make Dance programs can be tailored to meet a range of educational, learning and performance environments including:

  • Public and private schools
  • Dance studios and academies
  • Choreographers and dance companies
  • Dance competitions
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Community centers and after school programs

Kids Make Dance programs incorporate your choice of dance styles including hip hop, ballet, tap, modern/contemporary, cultural, international and many others genres.

Assessment and Standards for Educators

Kids Make Dance programs may include a range of integrated assessment strategies and adhere to teaching standards. We customize our child-centered dance-making programs to meet your specific assessment and standards requirements. To learn more and to review examples, please visit our Assessment and Standards pages on this Kids Make Hip Hop website.

Turn-Key Technology Package

As part of a Kids Make Dance project, we provide a turn-key digital production package. This package consists of hand-held digital video and photo cameras, and notebook computers with video and image editing software. Internet connections may be obtained in a number of different manners, which we can discuss with you.

Permissions and Privacy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of all children and participants in our Kids Make Dance programs. Prior to a program, we work with you to ensure that all parents provide written permission for their children to be videotaped and photographed. And, depending on how you wish the program to be designed, we may also seek parental permission for videos and images to be shared publicly on the Internet. For public distribution options, we only use the first names or nicknames of children. And we only provide key identifying information (such as a school or organization name) with your permission.

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