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Poetry Reading and Improvised Routine

After kids wrote their own poetry, they joined-up with a fellow student who created an improvised hip hop routine:


My name is Kristen A.K.A. Blue
You wanna see me dance I could show you some moves too.
I don’t play around when it comes to break dancing
I’m too fast for you I only stay on hands, man.
I’m the color of the sky and as fresh as the water.
I do what I do to make you say “OH!”

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Repin’ for butterfly

Student reads poetry to the improvised dancing of hip hop teacher Carlos:


People can’t catch me cause I
Fly high and I fly low
I can dance all around you and make you dizzy
All you’ll see are my colors as you stand in awe.

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The Kids Make Hip Hop pilot project, created by Kathleen Isaac and Doug Fox, took place in Queens, New York in July 2009. This project, with the participation of hip hop dancer and educator Carlos Cordova, represented our initial exploration of a new educational approach and framework for child-centered dance-making that integrates proven dance teaching methodologies and practices with the Internet, digital technologies and social media.
To learn more about Kids Make Dance educational programs and our Kids Make Hip Hop pilot project, please email Kathleen Isaac or Doug Fox.

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