Ongoing Kids Make Hip Hop assessment strategies include:


  • Children discuss and record what they already know and what they want to know about hip hop dance, digital tools and social media by the end of the Kids Make Hip Hop program

Formative Assessment:

  • Digital tools are used by children to record all aspects of the program, including graffiti making, poetry writing, warm-ups and combinations, dance making activities and practice with the digital tools
  • After each portion of the program, children view and utilize videos and photographs to evaluate both their dance making and media making
  • Select videos and photographs are placed on the Kids Make Hip Hop website, serving as immediate formative assessment for the students as well as a means for communicating the process of child-centered dance-making with the global community
  • Criteria for summative assessment is established by Kathleen, Doug, guest artist and participants based on the final performance task
  • Rehearsals for final performance are video taped by children, then reviewed and analyzed with peer and facilitator feedback
  • Children revise, perform and document final dance task

    Summative Assessment:

    • After viewing video and photo documentation, all facilitators and participants discuss final product as it relates to the established criteria
    • Children determine and record what they learned and how they learned it
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