A key element of the Kids Make Hip Hop pilot project was the integration of digital production tools and social media applications directly into the process of dance-making, documentation, sharing and assessment.

During this week-long pilot project (July 27-31, 2009), kids shot videos and pictures of dance technique demonstrations, skill-building exercises,  dance routines, graffiti, photo shoots, poetry readings and performances.

The following is a Flickr slideshow that features images of children capturing multimedia content during the program:

For upcoming Kids Make Dance programs, we will have a bank of computers so that children can also edit their videos and images as well as upload them to YouTube, Flickr and other multimedia sharing websites.

Please click the following links to learn how digital production tools are incorporated into the Kids Make Dance learning experience:

  • Multimedia & the Internet: Kids use broad range of digital production tools and social media websites and applications to capture and share dance-making and exercises.
  • Content Creation: Students use video and photo cameras to create contentthat represents diverse range of themes and topics.
  • Learning and Assessment: By integrating multimedia production and sharing into the dance-learning experience, kids learn new skills and develop invaluable insights. In addition, the use of video and photo documentation tools provide an immediate and fun way to document and assess on-going creative work.
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