Multimedia Content Creation: Themes and Topics

During the pilot Kids Make Hip Hop program, children created multimedia content of the  many dance and arts-related project in which they participated:

  • Hip hop skill demonstrations, technique development and exercises
  • Dance routine development and routine demonstrations
  • Dance performances
  • Hip hop history background
  • Graffiti writing
  • Hiphop freeze photo shoot
  • Poetry slam and performance
  • Dance improvisations

The multimedia content, essentially videos and pictures, created by participating children may take many forms for Kids Make Dance projects. In addition to the above examples, there are other possibilities including:

  • Documentation and explanation of the creative process
  • Demonstration of how dance videos expand possibilities for assessment
  • Instructional videos of techniques, moves and routines
  • Interviews with fellow students, teachers and content experts
  • Annotations of online videos and pictures for enhancing educational process
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