Learning Experience: New Skills and Insights

During a Kids Make Dance program, children develop important skills and experiences related to digital production and social media tools and how to use them:

  • How to use digital video and photo cameras for sharing, documentation and teaching
  • Optimal approaches for capturing dance and “performing” for the camera
  • How to edit videos and pictures using different software programs
  • How to produce videos for almost real-time and real-time Internet publishing
  • How to use a new generation of wireless and mobile multimedia recording and sharing tools
  • How to conduct self and peer-based assessments using videos and images
  • How to post videos and pictures to online social media websites
  • How to engage online audiences in discussions and feedback
  • How to create different types of multimedia content:

– Documentation of creative process
– Videos and pictures of performances and routines
– Instructional videos for online audiences
– Interviews with fellow students and others
– Explanation of creative process

  • - How to create online videos that will inspire online audiences to create similar types of dance content
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